Jean Martin | owner

A Raleigh native, Jean Martin first came on the Raleigh scene in 1977, working at what was then A Southern Season. After a few years, Jean and her partners bought out the lease in Glenwood Village and renamed the store Simple Pleasures. At the same time, she also was part owner of the eponymous Glenwood Grill until she sold it to chef John Wright in 2018. After selling Simple Pleasures, Jean moved to Wilmington, NC where she opened the first NOFO in 1998. The second NOFO, NOFO on Liz, opened in Charlotte in 2000. After extensive renovations to the former Five Points Piggly Wiggly store in Raleigh, NOFO @ The Pig opened in December of 2001. 

Jean is still at the helm today and handles all of the daily operations. She can be seen walking through the cafe and store daily.


Alice Wilson | coffee guru & buyer

Alice has been a familiar face in Raleigh for over 40 years. She first began her career in coffee with Jean at Simple Pleasures at a time when coffee to go meant a trip to the local convenience store. Always ahead of the curve, Alice brought coffee worth drinking and soon developed a loyal following which continues to this day. An artist at heart, Alice's work can be seen throughout the store in everything from her distinctive signs to the murals that line the outdoor dining space. 

Dan Gray | chef 

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