Our Story

About NOFO

NOFO @ the Pig is the third NOFO to blossom out of the extraordinary mind of legendary owner Jean Martin. The first store, North Fourth, Inc., opened in 1997 on North Fourth Street in Wilmington's Historic District. The store was called NOFO, a word stump of North Fourth. NOFO later moved to Wilmington's Forum shopping center, and added a cafe. In 2000, NOFO on Liz opened in Charlotte. Both stores soon became neighborhood favorites.

And The Pig

In 1999, Raleigh's Five Points neighborhood was dismayed by the closing of the local Piggly Wiggly, aka "The Pig," but calm heads prevailed and Jean Martin had a plan. In 2001, after extensive renovations to the building, NOFO @ The Pig opened in Raleigh's Historic Five Points shopping district.

The building still retains many design elements that maintain the original character of the space – including a full-service bar created from Piggly Wiggly food cans and dairy case displays – but the handblown glass chandelier encircled with pigs is all NOFO.

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